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About Tulip Floors

Tulip Floors has been in business for over 30 years precisely because we always put our customers and their flooring first. We work diligently to train our employees in the most recent installation methods and ensure that all of our staff treat your home with respect.

What distinguishes Tulip Flooring from our peers is the fact that we’ve worked with dozens of suppliers for decades to source some of the most unique wood products in the Bay Area. Our selection of flooring is unrivaled in the Bay and we are unique in our ability to customize your flooring through individually personalized stains and fabricating woods in our shop. Though we primarily work on high-end floors we also have a carefully selected value flooring selection as well.

Amber Flooring Showroom
Avi Atid, Founder

Avi Atid, Founder

I have always loved wood. When you think about our history as a species, you realize how intertwined human evolution and wood are. Humans have relied on wood for cooking, warmth, shelter, boats, food, and of course oxygen. Human beings owe a big debt to trees.

Today, most of the materials we use in our homes don’t share this historical connection. At Tulip, we try to find unique ways to integrate wood flooring into the lived experiences within our respective homes.

However, after 30+ years in the flooring business, I was ready to move on to different endeavors. I worried about finding a flooring company that shared the values of Tulip: environmental stewardship and an overarching dedication to customer service. However, after an extensive interview process, I found Amber Flooring to be a natural fit to continue the processes at Tulip that have satisfied so many Bay Area customers over the years.