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About Tulip

For over 30 years we have been serving the high end market in the Bay Area. We have a unique collection of beautiful wood floor from around the globe.  Although mostly serving the high-end market we also have a large selection of carefully selected value floors.

We are unique in our ability customize the flooring to your needs through sourcing the material from dozens of suppliers and and having our experienced and knowledgeable staff to further customize and fabricate in our shop.

Avi Atid, Founder

“I have always loved wood. When you think about our history as a species, you realize how intertwined human evolution and wood are. Humans have relied on wood for cooking, warmth, buildings, boats, food, and of course oxygen.

We owe a big debt to trees.

Today, most of the materials we use in our homes don’t share this historical connection.

At Tulip, we have been trying to find ways to  express this connection we all have with this endlessly inspiring material.”

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