Why replace if you can fix?

A Exacting Craft

Hardwood floors will at times experience such extensive damage that simply refinishing them may not be enough. This is often the case with deep water damage and pet stains, where the entire wood plank or strip is discolored throughout. In such cases the only solution is to replace the damaged boards and attempt to blend the new boards with the old.

Of all the aspects of wood flooring, repairs can often be the most challenging. Complex repairs often call for matching in color and grain a piece of wood that may be up to one-hundred years old. Poor repair jobs simply replace one eye-sore with another.Our goal is to make the repair as seamless as possible. This means using not just the correct wood, but the correct grade and cut. It also means using finely-tuned tinting and staining techniques to ensure a close color match. If the repair is large, we make sure to keep the layout as seamless as possible, so that the floor will look as if it was all installed at the same time.

We have often saved our clients thousands of dollars by providing local repairs without requiring a full refinish or new install. Wood floors are surprisingly resilient, and with the right expertise can be repaired seamlessly.