Breathe New Life Into Your Floors

Renewal and Reimagination

One of the greatest benefits of a having a hardwood floor is the ability to refinish it. A refinishing job can transform an old floor into a new one for thousands of dollars less than a new installation. Beyond just removing stains and deep scratches or gouges, refinishing will often give you the opportunity to stain your floor a completely different color. The ability to take a floor that has “yellowed” over time and stain it a sleek dark or bleached white-wash will immediately transform and renew your living space.

Quality refinishing work is a craft that requires years of practice before it is perfected. Our sanding and finishing crews use the best equipment and most advanced techniques to ensure your newly refinished floor produces that “Wow” effect. A Tulip refinishing job includes:

Fine Sanding

A poorly sanded floor will be uneven to the touch and have many “swirl lines” or gouges from the sanding equipment. Our equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure an even cut, and our foremen are among the most experienced in the trade.

Advanced Dust Containment

Our state-of-the-art dust-containment system captures virtually all of the sawdust before it becomes airborne, resulting in a cleaner job and a smoother floor. Combined with our masking film which blocks off areas not being worked on, we are often told that we leave the house cleaner than we found it!

Moving and Furniture Solutions

Our goal is to make the refinishing process as easy for you as possible. This means providing a moving service to our clients. We can even arrange to move the furniture to a storage facility off-site for the duration of the job! We will work with you to divide your job into phases, so that we can complete different parts of your house with the least disturbance.

Custom Stain Samples

We will work with you to make custom stain samples until you see the perfect color. These samples will be made on your floor to ensure color accuracy, because old wood and new wood take color differently. Our staining experts can create almost any color you can imagine.

True Refinishing Value

A wood floor can only take so much sanding before there isn’t enough wood left to refinish, and a new floor needs to be installed. In fact, a standard 200 pound belt-sander can eat right down to your sub-floor in a matter of seconds if improperly handled! Our expert technicians sand off only as much wood as is necessary to produce a beautiful, smooth, flat floor. This will ensure that you will maximize the number of times your floor can be refinished, prolonging the life of your floor for decades. We call that true value!