New installation

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An Investment in Quality

Installing a new hardwood floor can enhance the value and beauty of your home for generations to come. Unlike other floor-covering options such as laminate or tile, wood floors will not permanently deteriorate over time. Quality wood will gain character and personality over time, and become a living, growing part of your space. Furthermore, by simply refinishing, recoating or re-oiling your hardwood floors their beauty can be renewed, a service that costs a fraction of a new floor. This is why installing new hardwood floors is consistently rated by realtors as one of the smartest investment decisions you can make to your home.

That said, installing a new hardwood floor can be an intimidating process. With the variety of species, installation methods, flooring constructions and sub-floor requirements, the potential for error can be high. Mistakes can be costly and difficult to detect. An improperly installed floor may only reveal its defects 2 or 3 years later, at which point a costly refinish, repair, or even full replacement may be necessary. This is why contractors, designers and homeowners trust Tulip Hardwood Floors to guide them through the installation process. Some of the benefits Tulip provides:

Expert Installers

All of our installation foreman are trained by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) for Expert Installation, and our supervisors are all NWFA Certified Professionals, the highest certification in the industry. Our ongoing training program means that your floor is installed using the most up-to-date standards and practices.

Sub-floor Prep

Most install failures originate with poorly prepared sub-floors. We will never install a new floor over an unprepared or incompatible sub-floor. This means doing the appropriate moisture tests, using the best sealants and moisture barriers, checking for levelness, and addressing squeaks and cracks prior to installation.

Superior Hardwood

We only install floors we believe in. With thousands of installs under our belt, we know which floors will stand the test of time. We source products directly from the top mills in Europe, South America and Asia, ensuring the manufacturing and milling meets our standards. We are constantly searching the market for new and exciting flooring options, and developing new techniques in our workshop. 

Consultation and Floor Design

We love challenging and creative installs. Whether you are looking for unique border designs, a custom-made medallion, a specific reactive stain color or even a mixed-media floor install, our expert craftsmen will work with you to create a floor that meets the most creative design objectives.

Lifetime Warranty

We warranty our craftsmanship for the life of your floor. A professionally installed hardwood floor should last a lifetime, and we believe in standing behind our work every step of the way.